Tele-Arena 5.6f (TAII Engine, 5.6d Gold Map)
(thanks to Illusions BBS for the maps, further editing by me, Vector)

No Rune Needed White Rune Needed Yellow Rune Needed Green Rune Needed Blue Rune Needed Violet Rune Needed
Town 1

Dungeon Level 1
Dungeon Level 2
Dungeon Level 3*

The Mountains

The Forest

The Gnoll Cave

The Swamp/Ruined Town*

The Tower Levels 1 - 4
Town 2

Sewer level 1
Sewer level 2
Sewer level 3

The Desert

The Stoneworks level 1
The Stoneworks level 2
The Stoneworks level 3
The Stoneworks level 4
The Stoneworks level 5
The Stoneworks level 6*

The Cellars
Flagstones level 1
Flagstones level 2
Flagstones level 3
Town 3

Labyrinth level 1
Labyrinth level 2
Labyrinth level 3
Labyrinth level 4*
Labyrinth level 5
The Tower Levels 5 - 10

The Tunnels

The Ledge

The Sweltering Passages

Hewn Granite Corridors

The Valley

The Deep Forest

The Complex of Natural Caverns*

Town 4
The Stone Passages